Volunteering in Ciudad de los Niños as the unforgettable experience

Carretera De Málaga 193, 18015 Granada, Provincia de Granada, España6 MesesEducación de Calidad

As a part of European Solidarity Corps program I have participated in long term volunteering project (6 months) in Ciudad de los Niños. 

While I had lived abroad and had done volunteering before this was first time when I lived in a country where I didn’t speak the language. It was probably the main challenge during the project!

Since the first days I felt very welcome by my hosting organization. My activities included helping teachers with English classes in primary and secondary school.

In the afternoons and evenings I was helping to run sport activities for children and assisted them with homework. It was equally difficult for me as it was for them because they didn’t know the subject and I couldn’t speak Spanish well enough to explain all the details of Biology. Nevertheless all of us tried to learn along the way.

Time was also filled with lots of other fun activities such as dinner/parties organized by local adolescents full of delicious Moroccan food and crazy dancing, Christmas cooking and celebrations.  

In my free time I could take advantage of Granada which turned out to be beautiful and vibrant city. I could enjoy delicious tapas anywhere, walks in Albaicin with beautiful views on Alhambra and Generalife. As Granada is situated close to mountains and sea I had plenty of opportunities to explore south of Spain during one-day trips of hiking, rock climbing, swimming and sunbathing.

However, my time there wouldn’t be as wonderful if I couldn’t share it with amazing people I met. Even though covid restrictions at the time were quite strict I really couldn’t feel it that much thanks to them.

Overall European volunteering project was for me great experience and opportunity to devote myself to work with lots of empathy and humanity. I could build relationships with wise people who showed me another perspective on life and work as well as sensitized me to problems of children and youth at risk of poverty and social exclusion. Granada will definitely stay in my heart.

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Carretera De Málaga 193, 18015 Granada, Provincia de Granada, España

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